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See what our graduates have to say about our programs and how the new career opportunities have impacted their lives. 

“My instructor was great, and I still call him for advice.”

Rosa F. M., BY graduate

About Rosa:
Rosa was working as a dental assistant and didn’t feel like it gave her the opportunity to be creative or build things. She decided to change careers and dreamed of owning her own business. The BY Training program offered her an opportunity to get more experience and two OSHA certifications quickly. She started Rosa Rose Construction in 2022.

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"They saved me time and I'm in a better place today."

- Austin H.
BY PLUS Graduate

About Austin:
Austin was living with his parents after losing his driver’s license, and the job he could walk to didn’t pay much. He decided to try the BY Plus class because, as he said, he had nothing to lose.

He took an Uber to class and got a ride home. With his previous construction experience, he knew a lot of what was covered in class, but an OSHA-10 certification gave him get a foot in the door when it came to applying for jobs.

The most important takeaway from the program was legal help. The BY navigator connected Austin with the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, which was able to help him get permission to drive to work, and he’s now a plumbing apprentice making a good hourly wage.

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“For 26 years, I’ve always focused on everyone else, and this time, I focused on myself. This class has given me the motivation to go farther and achieve new goals.”
albert B., by plus graduate

About Albert:
A single father of three, Albert really enjoyed his instructor and the BY navigator assigned to his BY Plus class, saying they were committed to seeing everyone make it through the class. He felt the program created a great environment for learning, and he appreciated that instructors were always eager to help and support students. 

“I want to be an example for women in the industry. You can do anything you put your mind to!”

Geneva R., by plus graduate

About Geneva:
After some life changes, Geneva found herself at home with her teenage daughter during the pandemic. She started doing small renovation projects and decided to take the BY Plus class to increase her skills and industry knowledge. She found the program to be interesting and fun. At the urging of her instructor, she incorporated her business, Ross Renovations LLC, secured professional insurance, and now works with private contractors and large, commercial retailers.

I finished BY Training in 2019 and since then have worked in HVAC, joined a union apprenticeship program, and started building my own business.

-Austin J.
BY Graduate

About Austin:
Austin was working in a restaurant kitchen when a friend told him how much he was earning in construction. As Austin went through the BY class and worked at his first construction job, he learned about the industry and how he could be a bigger part of it. He saw a need and started a business to help owners access building materials. He plans to grow his business but will continue working in HVAC as well.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. This program helped me see that I could learn a lot of new things and have fun doing it.”

Billy O., by graduate

About Billy:
Billy had been a cable technician for over 10 years when the pandemic started, and he was laid off. Then his truck broke down, which made it hard for him to pick up contract work. A single father, Billy knew he needed to gain new skills to be more marketable in the workforce. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but he knew he enjoyed working with his hands and being outdoors. He took the class and excelled. After class, he did a six-week paid internship and is now working in the industry full time.

“There were no downsides, only benefits.”

Daniel T., by graduate

About Daniel:
Daniel relocated to Indy shortly before the pandemic, when jobs were scarce. He already had some experience in demolition and remodeling, so he decided construction could be an extension of that. He was right. He got free training and a connection to a new employer.

The program provided me with all the assistance and encouragement I needed!

-Bernard N.
BY Roads Graduate

About Bernard:
In his home country of South Africa, Bernard was a civil engineer, but when he emigrated to the U.S., he struggled to transfer his skills and certifications. After completing the BY Roads program, he was hired by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) as a project manager.

“I love learning new things at work.”

Michael W., by graduate

About Michael:

Since high school, Michael struggled to find a career. He worked as a barber and in a warehouse, but nothing clicked. He found the BY class online and thought it sounded too good to be true. He finished it and is working full-time for a drywall contractor, where he’s learning new things every day.

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