Mission & Vision

Building the Construction Workforce

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation addresses workforce shortages by providing entry-level construction training, assisting K-12 schools with classroom materials, and promoting careers in construction.

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About Us

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation (ICRF) was established in 2015 to focus on building the pipeline of workers needed to meet the demands of Indiana’s growing construction industry.  

ICRF began its work by launching Build Your Future (BYF), which is designed to expose Hoosier students to exciting and rewarding careers in the industry.  Since its inception, BYF Indiana has visited over 200 classrooms, career fairs, and community events, interacting with over 40,000 each year and impacting countless career pathways.  

In 2018, ICRF expanded its impact by creating the BY Construction Training program to address the current and future demand for skilled construction and trade workers.  BY Construction Training focuses on providing short-term training for adults from under-invested, low-income, minority, and under-employed communities. The typical course is eight weeks and prepares students for entry-level construction industry jobs that pay $16-$24 per hour, plus healthcare and vacation benefits, as well as opportunities for advancement. Since 2018, more than 700 students have successfully completed BY programs and found employment.

Through Build Your Future Indiana (BYF) for K-12 students, and BY Construction Training (BY) for adult learners, along with other emerging programs, ICRF solely focuses on workforce development efforts positioning itself as the premier vehicle to pursue career opportunities available in the construction industry.

Our Mission

ICRF’s mission is to inform, encourage and empower individuals to pursue a career in the construction industry, ultimately leading to a more sustainable workforce.

Our vision

Inclusion: An opportunity for a career exists for all who aspire to contribute to the construction industry and related fields.

Safety: An educated and equipped workforce is a safer workforce.

Quality: A well-trained workforce leads to a higher quality of construction and a more sustainable workforce.

Education: All Hoosiers are aware of the opportunities that exist in the construction industry.

Impact: A commitment to making a difference for all who participate in our programs. 

Innovation: Embracing technological innovation within the construction industry leads to improved quality, increased productivity, and greater environmental sustainability.

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