ICRF Leadership

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation board of directors is made up of construction industry employers, educators, government, and community organizations.

ICRF Board of Directors

Amy Wood, Lafayette Adult Resource Academy

Tim Eckert, Weber Concrete

Christopher Guidry, Council on Adult and Experiential Learning

Hope Harp, Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters

Sarah Walker, Hagerman Construction

Tonya Weaver, Garrett-Keyser-Butler CSD

Erin Drake, Browning., Secretary 

Bart Doan, Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Treasurer

Gregg Jones, Messer Construction, Vice Chair

Bob Taylor, Indiana Association of Public Schools Superintendents, Chair

Jennifer O’Shea, Strive Learning, Past Chair

Chris Price – ICRF President, Ex-Officio Member

ICRF Leadership and Staff Team

Chris Price, President

Matthew Nance, Director/Integrator

Jesse Linville,  BY Lead Instructor

Meaghan Owens, BY Lead Navigator

Jessica Deak-Sims, BY Navigator

Macoy Riley,  BY Navigator

Daniel Perryman,  BY Navigator

Macauley Wieland-Horning, Coordinator, K12 Initiatives

Kate WaltersCoordinator, K12 Initiatives

Vanessa Jimenez, Marketing Coordinator

Aimee Conrad-Hill, Development Officer

Through working with individuals, we are impacting communities throughout the state of Indiana. Helping Hoosiers of all ages find their paths to success in the construction industry is our passion.

Matthew C. Nance
Director, ICRF

ICRF Board of Directors

Amy Wood
Lafayette Adult Resource Academy
Bart Doan
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Erin Drake
Browning Investments
Tim Eckert
Weber Concrete
Rhiannon Edwards
Christopher Guidry
Council on Adult and Experiential Learning
Gregg Jones
Messer Construction
Bruce Molter
Hagerman Construction
Jennifer O’Shea
Indianapolis Public Schools
Chad Sutton
LBW Community College
Bob Taylor
Vice Chair
Indiana Association of Public Schools Superintendents
Chris Price
Ex-Officio Member
ICRF President
Nate Klinck
Ex-Officio Member
ICRF Executive Director

ICRF Leadership and Staff

Chris Price
Nate Klinck
Executive Director
Stephanie James
Director, BY Operations
Jesse Linville
BY Instructor
Meaghan Owens
BY Program Navigator
Hollision Shafer
BY Program Navigator
Matthew Nance
Director of K12 Initiatives
Vanessa Jimenez
Marketing Coordinator
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