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For 33 years, I taught architecture, building trades and civil engineering classes at Hamilton Heights. I often had the BYF website up to show students visuals... It was also helpful to show construction career options beyond what they knew, which were plumber and electricians.

Eric Fisher
Retired Educator
Director of Talent, Indiana Construction, Inc.
Classroom MAterials

Help students explore careers in construction and download free career exploration activities which include:

Plan Their Future

Find tips, strategies, and resources to help young people on their journey, from middle school and beyond. 

Construction Career Demand Interactive Map

Check out the need for different construction trades on an interactive map. Sort by state or craft to see what specialties are in high demand and where in the country they are needed the most.

Interactive Career Path

Explore the different routes a career in construction can take. Learn about in-demand positions, job duties and career advancement options. 

Training & Education Scholarships

Become familiar with available scholarships, offered at various levels and for different interests. 

I Built This! Video Contest

Encourage your students to participate in the annual I BUILT THIS! video contest, a nationwide competition inviting construction craft students and trainees to showcase their building projects.

BYF Shop

Shop for age-specific toolkits, posters, trading cards and more.

Participate in Careers in Construction Month

Get supplies now! October is Careers in Construction Month to inspire the next generation of craft professionals and improve perceptions of a career in construction.

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