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When Vincent Oliver worked in warehousing, he felt that he had no job security. As robots performed more of the work instead of people, sometimes he struggled to find work at all. He had looked at getting into construction, but couldn’t find the right program, and so became discouraged.

Then he heard about BY Training. Right away he was impressed by how organized they were. They immediately sent him a syllabus and explained how the program would work. It didn’t take long before he believed this would be a positive next step for him. “I was like, ‘This is definitely something that would help. I could knock this out easy.’”

He started right away, going to BY Training classes two days a week at the Warren Township Adult and Continuing Education Center on East 21st Street. He completed the program in March. His family let him know they were proud of his accomplishment.

“I wasn’t expecting a big turnout for my graduation ceremony, because it was on a Wednesday at 10:00am,” Vincent says. “But a lot of people turned out for me. Word spread throughout the family. Even folks who didn’t make it to the ceremony congratulated me after I graduated.

Immediately he was hired by HG Metals, where he’s training to be a welder. The company has a long list of contracts, so Vincent is not worried about being unemployed again. And there is a high demand for welders in multiple industries. “Now I feel like I have job security. I will have a job in five years, in 10 years.” That means he’s going to be able to meet other life goals sooner than he expected.

The hours at his new job are early, but he quickly shakes that off and enjoys getting down to work every day. And his job means more than just having a place to clock in every morning. At HG Metals, he feels appreciated, even though he’s just starting out.

“They recognize me as a person, Vincent says. “They know I’m coming in at ground zero and don’t know anything about welding. They’re taking time out of their day to help me grow as a person, not just as number in a system trying to make quota. They’re trying to help me improve my craft.”

He is so sold on the BY Training Program that he’s been sending links to upcoming BY Training classes to his friends.

“Do it!” he tells them. “It’s free, and it’s a great opportunity. This is not for a company or an organization. This is something to do for yourself to make your own life better.”

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