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Build Your Future

The construction industry is growing and will need 275,000 more employees by 2026. Check out what a career in construction could look like for your child.

The Discover More Blog

Learn from industry experts and explore topics from how to get into the construction industry to why you would want to.

Explore Construction Careers

Discover the wide range of construction specialties on the BYF construction careers page. With the ability to filter through careers based on your interests, skills, and ideal hourly rate, you can find your perfect fit in the industry. Learn about in-demand construction careers, salaries and training opportunities. 

Get Started in Construction Video Series

Learn from industry professionals about their successful career paths, where they started, and where they are today. This video series details how those with perseverance rise above the ranks. 

Personality Quiz

Utilize the interactive personality quiz to see which craft specialty might suit your interests best. 


Construction Career Demand Interactive MAp

Check out the need for different construction trades on an interactive map. Sort by state or craft to see what specialties are in high demand and where in the country they are needed the most.


Action Plan

Whether you are in middle school, high school, or exploring post-secondary options, it’s never too early to start planning for your future. Find tips, strategies, and resources to help young people on their journey, from middle school and beyond.


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