Success Story

Victor Velazquez has been working in the construction industry for almost two decades. After graduating from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in civil engineering, he immediately began completing roofing and remodeling projects all over his home country of Mexico. In short, Victor knows from personal experience how fulfilling a career in the trades can be.

But after moving to the United States in pursuit of better work opportunities, Victor saw big differences between the construction industry in Mexico and the United States – differences that were making it difficult for him to find work. That’s where the BY Training program came in.

First learning about the BY Training program through an ad on Facebook, Victor signed up in August 2021 at John Boner Neighborhood Center in Indianapolis. More than anything, he hoped the BY Training program could help bridge the gap between his construction experience in Mexico and new regulations and standards in the US industry.

And the class did exactly that. As Victor put it, “BY Training helped me believe in myself. I now know the great abilities I have from all my years of construction work experience. And I understand how to market myself as a U.S. construction worker now, too.”

Victor’s professional career took a unique turn since his completion of the BY Training program: He now teaches BY Training classes in Spanish several nights a week, a role he finds both fulfilling and fun.

“I really like to share my experiences and knowledge with other members of the Latino community. My role as a BY Training instructor means I can motivate students to seek new and better opportunities for them and their families,” says Victor.

When Victor isn’t teaching or working construction jobs himself, he can be found studying construction regulations and codes. “Opportunities often present themselves only once,” Victor notes. “I want to be ready for the next challenge life brings my way.”

Stories like Victor’s wouldn’t be possible without support from Lilly Endowment – Thank you!

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