Success Story

Family has always been a top priority for Billy Guinn. He has fond memories of helping his dad and uncle with home construction projects when he was younger, patching up drywall and installing a new deck on his family home. He and his family regularly schedule backyard barbeques to relax and enjoy time together. Billy has even spent the past few years working for DoorDash and UberEats, so he could guarantee he’d never miss a meal with his family.

But Billy has always felt there had to be something better out there for him professionally. That’s why he decided to take the leap when he discovered the BY Training program through a Facebook ad. And honestly, Billy had no idea how much this experience would change his life.

The BY Roads class at the John Boner Community Center in Indianapolis gave Billy the skills and connections he needed to break into a career in construction. In his words, “I now know how to do construction work safely. It’s about listening to people, not just winging it.” Billy truly believes that anyone can benefit from BY Training, as long as they’re willing to put the work in and ask questions when they’re confused.

Thanks to the BY Training job fair, Billy was recently offered an entry-level position with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). He’s excited to start work with a company that offers good pay and great benefits.

As of March 2023, INDOT has started helping Billy prep to get his CDL certification. Once he passes the CDL test, he’ll begin night-shift roadwork throughout the Indianapolis highway system. While Billy is excited to move forward in his new construction career, he knows he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for the BY Training program.

And he’s thankful to finally be working for a business that understands the importance of family.

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